No Smokes


How to use this website

The No Smokes website is a fantastic tool to use with upper primary, secondary students, and young adults who are thinking about quitting or wanting more information about the health effects of tobacco.  It is particularly aimed at Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from 12-25 years old, however all young people or Indigenous Australians of any age should benefit from the information on this website.  Please feel free to use the website and its materials in any way that suits your students or clients and your context. 

Information for teachers

The Resources section for teachers and health workers aims to give you an overview of the No Smokes website and point you to particular No Smokes resources on the site which are suitable for using for educational purposes.  The Study Guides offer suggestions on how you can incorporate these resources into your lessons and programs.

If your students cannot access the internet in the classroom, or if the videos are blocked by the firewall, you can download most of our resources under Download our resources or if you email us you can request an offline version of the website on a DVD which includes all the video resources, factsheets and Study Guides.

When showing videos to your students in the classroom you may show them in fullscreen by clicking the button on the bottom right of the video player.

Information for health workers utilises a variety of indigenous specific and youth friendly tools and resources to inform young people of the dangers of smoking and to assist them to quit. The site should be used as a resource to engage your clients based on their needs.

Clients should be encouraged to access the site outside of your consultation so that it can be an ongoing resource for themselves, their friends, family and wider communities.

You can learn about the different sections of the website and the available resources under Overview of the website.

If you or your clients cannot access the internet you can download most of our resources under Download our resources or if you email us you can request a DVD of all our resources to be sent to you.